"I am very impressed with the rational way the program inputs are arranged, making conversion from NUCARS easier than I expected."

Steve Chrismer, LTK Engineering Services, USA


A Rapid Learning Curve

VAMPIRE is a package that has been designed to facilitate rapid user learning.

The software is supplied with an extensive system of help files. These provide a comprehensive manual covering not only how the software works, but also background information on relevant aspects of vehicle dynamics.

The manuals include diagrams, graphs etc. Also provided are a set of “Quick Reference Guides” for key reference material that is likely to be needed on a regular basis.

Also there is a Units Converter which is supplied as part of VAMPIRE® Pro. This is a very useful programme that contains all of the regular units of length, mass etc, as well as a comprehensive selection of those units more specific to the railway industry

In addition, the Interactive Vehicle Builder (IVB) is a user friendly visual aid that allows the user to create vehicle files efficiently. Features such as the IVB allow users to rapidly become prodcutive, and stay productive.