"I am very impressed with the rational way the program inputs are arranged, making conversion from NUCARS easier than I expected."

Steve Chrismer, LTK Engineering Services, USA


Powerful Process Automation

There are many situations where it is useful to automate an analysis process:

  • parametric studies where an analysis needs to be repeated, making changes to the input files each time (e.g. trying a range of spring stiffnesses to find the optimum)
  • where a user or organisation regularly employs a particular series of repeatable tasks
  • where a very large number of runs need to be undertaken (gauging analysis for example)

VAMPIRE® Pro includes a feature known as Task and Command files. This provides comprehensive process automation where:

  • the user sets up input files that (if required) incorporate variable parameters with a defined range of values
  • the runs are then submitted sequentially and the results automatically post-processed as required

This automation not only saves time and effort, but it enables users or organisations to set up standardised, proven analysis routines for those simulations that are used on a regular basis. This reduces the opportunity for error and enables staff less experienced in using VAMPIRE® Pro (e.g. CAD operators) to run complex analyses and produce useful results.