"I am very impressed with the rational way the program inputs are arranged, making conversion from NUCARS easier than I expected."

Steve Chrismer, LTK Engineering Services, USA


Efficient Generation of Input Files

Right from the start, VAMPIRE® Pro is designed to get new users working with the software quickly.

As with any simulation package, there are a number of input files required in order to generate a simulation. Generating these files is frequently the most time consuming part of the simulation process. VAMPIRE® Pro therefore focusses on making it as easy as possible to build vehicle models, set up track data, generate wheel/rail contact data and set up appropriate run files (run files detail which combination of vehicle, track and contact data is to be used in a simulation as well as simulation speeds, friction levels etc).

A key development for VAMPIRE® Pro has been the Interactive Vehicle Builder (IVB). This provides a 3D graphical environment in which to construct vehicle models. As each suspension component or mass is added, the 3D model is updated, with each element positioned and scaled such that errors and mistakes are immediately obvious.

There are further tools available to generate, manipulate and visualise the other input files, including sophisticated wheel / rail contact generation and plotting functions.