"I am very impressed with the rational way the program inputs are arranged, making conversion from NUCARS easier than I expected."

Steve Chrismer, LTK Engineering Services, USA


Fast Railway Specific Solvers

Unlike general multi-body dynamics packages, VAMPIRE® Pro offers a number of solvers specifically tailored for railway applications:

  • eigenvalue analysis – identifies modes of vibration (useful for model checking and linear stability calculations)
  • linear response analysis – applies a linear track input spectrum to evaluate vehicle response (useful for certain vehicle ride calculations)
  • transient analysis – the most commonly used analysis used to predict the actual response of a vehicle over real or as-designed track geometry
  • curving analysis – calculates quasi-static curving forces generated on a variety of curve radii
  • static analysis – used to emulate static testing such as sway tests and bogie rotation tests

Each of these solvers have been designed for the railway environment and the range and frequencies of motion that are common to railway vehicles. This enables them to work exceptionally fast, allowing large numbers of runs to be completed, or entire routes to be simulated in a matter of minutes.