"The level of user support for VAMPIRE is always excellent and the help we have had over the last week has ensured we can keep our current project moving along at a good pace."

Julian Stow, MMU, UK


Research & Academia

There is significant scope to improve the safety, comfort and cost associated with operating a modern rail network through improved vehicle suspension systems and refinements to the wheel / rail interface. Modern dynamics software packages like VAMPIRE® Pro provide a means of developing new approaches and evaluating them in a thorough and scientific manner including:

  • developing and evaluating conceptual suspension designs
  • understanding and predicting wheel / rail wear and Rolling Contact Fatigue
  • helping to develop standards for dynamic performance such as derailment resistance

While dynamics software has traditionally been used as a tool to solve predominantly vehicle related issues, there is increasing interest in dynamics as it relates to the infrastructure and the effect of the vehicles on that infrastructure including:

  • modelling switches and crossings (points)
  • predicting contact forces, rail head wear and Rolling Contact Fatigue
  • predicting gauge spreading forces

VAMPIRE® Pro is also provide an ideal tool for educational purposes, with applications including:

  • showing how mathematical vehicle models are constructed
  • clearly demonstrating modes of vibration
  • experimenting with the effect of damping and / or spring stiffnesses