"The level of user support for VAMPIRE is always excellent and the help we have had over the last week has ensured we can keep our current project moving along at a good pace."

Julian Stow, MMU, UK


Railway Consultants

Many companies from vehicle manufacturers to passenger and train operators experience issues relating to some aspect of vehicle dynamics or the wheel / rail interface:

  • high rates of wheel and / or rail wear, usually related to problems with suspension design or incompatible wheel rail profiles general problems with vehicle ride or stability
  • the majority of derailments are related to some aspect of vehicle dynamics performance or vehicle track interaction issue
  • trouble obtaining acceptance for new or modified rolling stock (including gauging issues)

Issues such as these can be solved through dynamic simulation. But whilst many of the world’s larger railway companies have full-time railway dynamicists, the vast majority do not. Enterprising railway consultancy firms can capitalise on this, using tools such as VAMPIRE® Pro to tackle a wide range of dynamics problems for customers world wide.