"The level of user support for VAMPIRE is always excellent and the help we have had over the last week has ensured we can keep our current project moving along at a good pace."

Julian Stow, MMU, UK


Freight Rail

Vehicle dynamics software can help freight railways to optimise their operations to minimise overall cost whilst maximising operational safety:

  • derailments usually involve at least one element related to vehicle dynamics – simulation provides an effective tool for investigating the cause and evaluating effective solutions to prevent re-occurrence
  • track maintenance costs can be reduced through appropriate wheel / rail profile selection to reduce wear and Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF)
  • simulation offers an impartial means of getting the correct balance between the cost of wagons and the ability of more sophisticated wagon designs to minimise the impact the forces generated at the wheel / rail interface and hence the rate of deterioration of track & ballast
  • simulation can provide a very cost effective means of obtaining acceptance for new or modified rolling stock

Simulation enables wagons to be tested to the extremes of the operating and track conditions, and this approach provides a means of developing effective solutions to any problems identified.