"The level of user support for VAMPIRE is always excellent and the help we have had over the last week has ensured we can keep our current project moving along at a good pace."

Julian Stow, MMU, UK


Why Simulate?

Vehicle dynamics continues to be one of the most important factors in running a safe, cost effective railway. Key industry issues including the control of Rolling Contact Fatigue, maximising wheelset mileages and minimising the impact of rolling stock on the infrastructure are directly related to the interaction at the wheel / rail interface.

Modern simulation tools such as VAMPIRE® Pro enable a range of dynamics issues (including those listed above) to be modelled, enabling the railway engineer to refine designs and resolve issues with maximum efficiency, at minimum cost. Simulation allows the user to:

  • undertake a range of “what if” analyses to refine designs of both vehicles and key infrastructure components such as S&C
    enable extremes of the operating envelope to be evaluated safely
  • provide a very cost effective alternative to track testing and with a validated model, can provide an alternative to acceptance testing
  • enable aspects of vehicle behaviour to be examined that could not be done in any other way