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VAMPIRE® Pro Demonstrations

Efficient Input File Generation
A key development for VAMPIRE® Pro has been the Interactive Vehicle Builder (IVB). This provides a 3D graphical environment in which to construct vehicle models. As each suspension component or mass is added, the 3D model is updated, with each element positioned and scaled such that errors and mistakes are immediately obvious. AVI Demo 9.68MB.


Process Management Demo
VAMPIRE® Pro provides a hierarchical tree structure to keep track of both the input files and the elements in each vehicle model. This provides traceability for the results produced, as well as giving users an immediate way of identifying and managing input files and vehicle model components. More importantly, it highlights that an analysis needs to be recalculated whenever a relevant input files has been modified. AVI Demo 5.79MB.


Railway Specific Solvers Demo
VAMPIRE® Pro offers a number of solvers specifically tailored for railway applications. Each of these solvers have been designed for the railway environment and the range and frequencies of motion that are common to railway vehicles. This enables them to work exceptionally fast, allowing large numbers of runs to be completed, or entire routes to be simulated in a matter of minutes. AVI Demo 13.3MB.


Advanced Post Processing Demo
VAMPIRE® Pro offers a number of ways to interpret the results of analysis runs (the “post-processors”) including 3D animations, providing an immediately accessible way of interpreting the results. Ordinarily, the comprehensive nature of the post processors means that there is no need to employ third party software to analyse the results. AVI Demo 17.7MB.


Process Automation Demo
VAMPIRE® Pro includes a feature known as Task and Command files. This provides comprehensive process automation where the user sets up input files, the runs are then submitted sequentially and the results are automatically post-processed as required. This reduces the opportunity for error and enables staff less experienced in using VAMPIRE® Pro (e.g. CAD operators) to run complex analyses and produce useful results. AVI Demo 32MB.