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VAMPIRE® Case Studies

Derailment Investigation
On the 26th October 2005, a passenger train derailed underground on a sharp curve on the approach to Liverpool Central underground station. The subsequent derailment investigation used VAMPIRE® Pro to replicate the derailment mechanism and then provide a cost-effective tool to establish which remedial measure(s) would be most effective at preventing future derailments at this and other similar sites.


Engineering Acceptance
Traditionally, new on-track plant from mainland Europe is transported to the UK by road. It is then subjected to a series of acceptance tests before being approved for operation on UK infrastructure. DeltaRail worked with Matisa and Interfleet Technology to develop a new approach whereby dynamic simulation was used as a key part of the acceptance process. This enabled the vehicle to be hauled through the channel tunnel and directly on to Network Rail infrastructure.


Vehicle Design & Modification
When Network Rail decided to procure their next generation of track recording cars, DeltaRail were asked to take an existing passenger coach and transform it into a high-tech recording car.

VAMPIRE® was used to establish the effects on the dynamic performance of the vehicle of the significant changes made to mass and mass distribution in the coach during modification. It also provided a key tool to help design the active pantograph assembly.


Wheel Rail Profile Optimisation
Very small changes to the shape of either wheel or rail profile can result in large changes in behaviour or performance of this critical interface. One effective way of assessing the compatibility of wheel and rail profiles and assessing the effect of possible changes is to use dynamic simulation. VAMPIRE® has been used in this area for many years, and this case study describes two recent studies that have been undertaken.


Assuring an Innovative Switch Design
On the 19th October 2003, a northbound train derailed on the approach to Platform 3 at Camden Town station on the London Underground.

VAMPIRE® was used as a key tool to demonstrate the derailment mechanism, and then as a means of developing and assuring the redesign of the junction concerned. This enabled the line to re-open in a safe and timely manner.