VAMPIRE® software allows the user to build a dynamic model of any rail vehicle and study the response of the vehicle to real measured track geometry or user specified inputs in the form of track displacements and external force inputs. Rail vehicles can be modelled with simulated instrumentation allowing almost any aspect of behaviour to be studied.


14/11/2018 – VAMPIRE V6.60 Released

The latest version of VAMPIRE® Pro V6.60.0011 is now available to download from the members area.
This release includes a new Hysteresis modelling element, video capture and image capture tools.
There are also a number of enhancements to the analysis programs including the ability to start a Transient analysis part way into a large track file and improvements to the Static analysis solver.


VAMPIRE Railway Dynamics Simulation

Maximum efficiency, minimum cost
Vehicle dynamics continues to be one of the most important factors in running a safe, cost effective railway. VAMPIRE® Pro enables a range of dynamics issues to be modelled, with maximum efficiency, at minimum cost.

Unique user workflow
VAMPIRE® Pro is unique in the way it enables each stage of dynamic simulation to be undertaken accurately and efficiently. From a user’s first encounter to undertaking complex dynamics analyses, VAMPIRE® Pro makes effective use of your time.

Expert training & support

One of the key features of VAMPIRE® Pro is the quality of the training and support available to both new and more experienced users. The training and support is provided by a team that includes both software engineers and full-time vehicle dynamics consultants.